Project Cases
"Liewu Sanitary Ware" will convey sincerity and warmth in the sanitary ware industry with professional knowledge, experience, technology and extensive information channels, become a good helper on your home journey, become an outstanding industry pioneer, and provide you with valuable customers service, respond quickly and proactively to after-sales, and leave your problems to us to solve.

Public Works Cases (Parts)

PLA General Hospital
301 Hospital (Hainan branch)
HUAWEI Cooperation Supplier
Kunming Nine Day Investment
Group Office Building
Yunnan Annie Maintenance And Remanufacturing Center

Hotel Project Cases (Parts)

GUMAN Hotel, Dali, Kunming
Mancheng Huafeng Peacock
Lake Resort Hotel
Mancheng Huafeng peacock
Lake Resort Hotel
Qiandao Lake Hilton Sanya
Resort & Spa Binjiang

Home Engineering Cases (Parts)

Qiandao Lake Magnolia Garden
Parun International Garden
East coast of Binjiang,Hangzhou
Guiyang Renhuai Wine City
The capital of South Lake, Dayu, Changchun
Sino British Federation of Chengdu
Shangdi City, Yuzhou,Xiamen
Huzhou Taihu Landscape Family
Zhongshan Liewu Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
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