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"Liewu Sanitary Ware" will convey sincerity and warmth in the sanitary ware industry with professional knowledge, experience, technology and extensive information channels, become a good helper on your home journey, become an outstanding industry pioneer, and provide you with valuable customers service, respond quickly and proactively to after-sales, and leave your problems to us to solve.
Are you a manufacturer or a trade company?
We are manufacturer.

What is the advantage about your company? We have a tempered glass processing workshop, a strong shower room accessories supply chain, and a complete shower room production team.

What is your product range? Shower room, chassis, shower head, pendant.

What Is your capacity per year?
20,000-30,000 sets. What is your minimum order quantity? 220 sets. How many employees do you have? 25-30 people. What is your factory scale? Medium sized factory. Can I get the samples? OK. Samples are subject to cost and freight collect. What is the delivery time for sample and bulk order please? Sample: 7-10 days without mold opening. Bulk orders: 20-30 days for regular products.
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Zhongshan Liewu Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
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Contacts: zipengliu Tel: +86 15017306659 E-mail: WhatsApp: +86 15017306659
Contacts: Liuyan Lin Tel: +86 13726142520 E-mail: WhatsApp: +86 13726142520